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Stewards of the Land

Allen’s Farm was originally an international equestrian center operating as a large-scale event and boarding facility with over 50 horses and 100 riders. We have since chosen to revitalize this land for low-scale, high-quality food production, community supported agriculture, and sustainability education. In partnership with Drylands Agroecology Research Foundation, we are able to research, implement, and cultivate practices of regenerative farming, animal management, carbon sequestration, soil heath, and dynamic/adaptable organizational structures.

yellow barn farm farming horses animals food


1. Create a holistic and fully integrated farming and eco-community.

2. Build local resilience by linking farms and community to create 

sustainable food, education, and economic systems. 

3. Give first - you must first build, seed, and nurture the garden before it can give back to the gardeners. 

4. Gather ideas from all fields to find novel and efficient solutions.

5. Think outside the (garden) box!

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We have lived far apart from nature for long enough, and many are hearing the call to return to the land. 

This project will take a village, and by implementing circular, closed-loop systems, we can offer services like composting, workshops, farm-to-tables, and more. 

Join our newsletter if you would like to get involved or support our mission. 

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