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Mountain Root Art Bucket Program

The Home Depot generously donated 150 five-gallon buckets to Yellow Barn Farm to launch our food-scrap pickup program and so far it has been a great success!


We asked our community for name suggestions for the compost program, and the final verdict was: Mountain Root Compost. We like it!

We then had our own idea for these buckets: what if we invited local artists to take a bucket and put their unique style to the prompt of "Mountain Root"?

These buckets are still going to be in rotation for

food scrap pickup, so each member would get to

see a different artist after each weekly swap. 

The purpose of the compost program IS to grow

roots into the community. The more buckets in

circulation, the more we can support local

deliveries for local businesses, artists, and farms.


How can we be creative with this project and

bring the community in to engage?

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-24 at 7.13.40 PM.
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