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Community Involvement Opportunities

Bi-weekly food-scrap pickup for Boulder County residents, restaurants, and businesses. 

Trees help reduce wind-caused soil erosion, increase water retention, and you can even plant it!

Community-supported action days help move this project forward and builds resilient, trusted networks.



We are excited to launch this new initiative for all of Boulder County, which has been kindly supported with supply partnerships from local businesses. 

What's Included?

  • Weekly bucket swaps

  • One, two, or five 5-gallon bucket(s) with lid(s)

  • "Do's and Don'ts" of Composting

  • Cancel Anytime

  • Skip Pickups

  • Free Delivery on All Farmer's Collective Products

  • Discounts on YBF products and events

100% of proceeds go straight to garden infrastructure, soil/seeds, and compost development on Allen's Farm. 

Domestic Waste Bin
Planting a Tree


Trees are a crucial part of any healthy ecosystem. They create windbreaks, retain water, and nourish the soil. 

Adopting a tree is the most valuable way you can contribute to regenerating our farmlands.

Each tree will be dedicated to our community of supporters, and we will be hosting regular Carbon Sequestration Celebrations to plant our trees together.


Trees range from 1-10,000, in a variety of colors, fruits, and size. Our goal is 6,000 trees planted by June.  



Running a farm isn't easy. So why not share the task? If everyone does a tiny bit, we can make big waves. 


Throughout the year we will be holding volunteer Action Days, with a focusing on accomplishing big tasks quickly together. Putting up a new chicken coop, building out the gardens, constructing the greenhouse...We're gonna need some help. 

Sign up to our volunteer list to get Action Day updates! 

Action Day
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