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Full-Circle Farming

We are thrilled to announce that we will slowly be rolling out a food delivery and food waste collection program this spring, aiming to scale up to 50-75 households in 2022, and reach a max capacity of 150 households over 2 years.

We are currently collecting data to help inform how we will design this program to best meet the community’s needs. By completing this survey, you will also be put on the shortlist for membership as slots begin to open in the spring.

In order to keep our food and delivery costs low, we will be prioritizing households that are closest to our location in the beta-launch this spring. And, as nature has always tried to teach us, we will slowly expand outward as the farm is able to grow our operations, as well as build relationships to source from other local farms.

We are trying to scale the process down, to find a small-scale equilibrium between farmers and community.

A big goal of this program is to “close the loop” with food. How do we do that?

As a farmer, a major question is how do you get your food to the consumer? Grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets? Grocery stores and restaurants want wholesale prices, which requires bulk. And the many uncalculated costs of farmer’s markets (drive time, gas/mileage, set up/break down, load/unloading produce) are often not factored into the cost of goods sold. And then what about all of the food waste?! How do we close this gap?

So we started to ponder: what if we could actually deliver fresh food to people’s doorsteps AND collect their food waste on a weekly basis?

Food waste can be turned into pig food or static piles for composting. Worms can feed chickens and ducks, and decrease our reliance on bulk bird feed (that stuff is expensive!). And healthy soil gives us beautiful healthy produce to feed the community.

Take our Compost & Food Delivery survey and help us build a program specifically for this local community, at a price-point that is accessible, and with a mission that you can help design.

Fresh food to scraps, scraps to compost, compost to fertile soil, fertile soil to fresh food, and fresh food right back to you.

Our goal is to be able to offer high-quality, local, fresh products to your doorstep, and upcycle food waste into reusable planting material. Now that is a closed-loop system.

Got any ideas for the program name? Type it in the comments below, or send us a message! Email:

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